Al’s Cycle Shop

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We rebuilt Al’s Cycle Shop’s website, created a dynamic widgets where they could advertise their inventory, and launched the website on their pre-existing server. This rebuild included a remaster of their logo and on-page SEO optimization.

Charlotte Kovacs Coaching

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We built Charlotte’s website from the ground up using her branding to create not only a place for Charlotte to display her services, but for her clients to securely access their coaching-related paperwork. This setup included an integration with Calendly and functionality that allows clients to log into the site. We provide continue to provide hosting and the occasional consultation for Charlotte.

The 4 Things Every Website is Made Of

Sonder Studios Providing Digital Marketing Services to the Chicagoland Area

When you find articles about website development, do they sometimes read like a vocab quiz you didn’t study for? It’s all to easy to get lost in all the web dev jargon, especially when you just came to figure out how to tell people that you sell vegan shoes. It really shouldn’t be this complicated.