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Easy to Use WordPress Websites

For Local Businesses

WordPress is an accessible, powerful tool that your business could be using to stake a claim in today’s digital market place. We’re here to help you take that next step, developing a website perfectly suited to your business.

Our Websites ARE

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Our websites look great on desktops, phones, and tablets

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easy to edit

We use easy-to-learn web page editors to build your site

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seo optimized

Our sites show up in google and bing searches

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We use all modern security practices to keep your users safe

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Our site speeds are consistently quick

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Users can use our sites with a keyboard, a screen reader, and other accessibility tools


When you use us to develop your website, we offer all the bells and whistles.

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WordPress Website Setup

We create sleek, SEO optimized, and powerful websites with WordPress.

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Hosting & Maintenance

Using WP Engine, we manage your hosting and website maintenance to ensure that you have minimal downtime.

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Graphic Design

We design banners, graphics, logos, and whatever your online store/social media channels need.

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Custom Reporting

We create reports that track your top referring websites, calls-to-action, uptime, and more!


We offer custom quotes depending on the project. We may offer both hourly and fixed rates upon request. However, typically we start at $100 per hour

Creation + Development

$100 / Hour


$80 / Month

Custom Reporting

$75/ Month*

*Or $100 if paired with maintenance package. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting is the computer that your website “lives” in, for lack of a better term. Hosting services like GoDaddy and HostGator let you “rent” their computers to put your website on and stream to the world. 

Depending on where you go and what package your get, you may end up with a hosting service that slows down the more traffic you get, or goes down periodically. To ensure that you’re paired with the best service for your business, we’ll assess your needs and make sure you don’t end up in one of these bad-faith deals. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how you build your website to get search engines like Google or Bing to notice you. This covers everything from the words in your website address to the tags you add to your website copy. 

With technology always shifting, it can be hard to keep up with whether or not your website is properly optimized. Because of that, we offer an SEO auditing service where we evaluate your site and recommend changes you can make to boost your website up Google and Bing’s ranks. 

With years of experience developing websites for healthcare, finance, and local small business, we know that no two businesses are the same. While a local restaurant may need an easy way to add recipes and reviews, a small clinic might be interested in creating HIPAA compliant site to advertise their services. No matter the industry or the task, we’re prepared to offer tried and true designs that suit your specific needs. 

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