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About us

We believe in digital freedom

You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars just to update a sentence on your website. That’s why we set business owners up with a website that will outlive our relationship and provide them with the tools to take over once the job is done. 


We believe that knowledge should be freely requested and freely given. 


We meet you where you to give the business the help it needs to thrive. 


In connecting our clients with our peers and with each other we give them the best quality product possible. 

About Nikki

the brains behind the operation

I’m passionate about setting business owners up for success because I’ve been in their shoes. One to many times in my career I’ve worked with companies that are beholden to web developers that have made their websites inaccessible to their clients, creating unnecessary dependencies that hurt business owners more than help them. 

Simply put, I’m not for that. 

That’s why I created Sonder. Nothing excites me more than to see a business owner who thinks that website development is out of their range take control back into their hands. 

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